BRAND design, PRINT design & WEBsite Design


Good graphic design takes talent, skills and experience and can make a big difference in people’s response to your brand.

I love making things look good, feel good and perform well for function. Since 1998, I’ve been applying my penchant for design to diverse contemporary styles and many kinds of media—storing up expertise to develop and deliver YOUR visual brand to a high standard from concept to completion.

Whether you need a brand or logo, brochure or billboard, graphics, car wrap or anything in-between, it’s all in the bag.

Brand Design


Your brand is your expressed identity as a business or organisation. Your values, vision, goals, the entity ‘personality’, visual look, style, voice or message tone, name, byline, slogans, catchphrases, imagery style, target market…all the factors that define your business, articulated directly or indirectly to your clients.

This can be a specialised art & science of marketing. But for most small to medium size businesses, MMW Design offers all the expertise required to help you create a valuable brand.

Online Design


Once we have your logo and brand designed, you need to get it out there! These days of course, a lot of your appearance will be online. I can create visual content in a wide array of styles and kinds for most media platforms—social media, online ads, email, etc.

Depending on what you are doing, I work in with other specialists for content creation, advanced copywriting, marketing, etc. 

Print Design


Let’s face it—real printed material makes a real impression!…BUT, it needs to be well designed—and that’s the key to making it effective.

MMW design offers extensive knowledge and proficiency from over 20 years of designing for the printing industry. An in-depth understanding of print processes opens up the field for special features like embossing, foiling, spot & special colours, rich mixes, spot gloss, substrate effects and more. It also means I design with the print process in mind—ensuring you get the best results. 

Things you may want printed

COLLATERAL : Business Cards • Brochures • flyers • Posters • Banners • etc

PROMOTIONAL : Adverts [Newspaper, Magazine] • Signage • Billboards • Displays  • Stickers • Labels

STATIONERY : Letterheads • Compliment Slips • folders • envelopes • business cards

PUBLICATIONS : Magazines • Books • Booklets • Catalogues • eBooks • Newsletters • eNewsletters

ALLSORTS : Car signage • Packaging • Murals • T shirts • You name it! • • •


made easy peasy

Need things printed?

Don’t waste your time trying to arrange and figure out how to get things printed! I know all the jargon and the best ways to get it done through multiple print service relationships I’ve used for years.

Relax and let me look after the whole process for you, from advice & quotes to completion & delivery.  You’ll save yourself from agony time and end up with a better result—and likely for less cost!  Make sense?



Get in touch to see how I can help you make it all happen seamlessly.