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Good photographs are a major factor in successful marketing, graphic design and presentation. With an overwhelming amount of, and emphasis on, imagery these days, it’s important to have excellent, genuine photos with all the qualities that will make them stand out.

MMW has the talent, professional gear and experience to capture and document most areas of photography you may need, or to find the right, quality stock images for you. I specialise in ‘field’ photography—real life, authentic, documentary style.

Photoshoots are undertaken on a case by case basis, charging reasonable rates by the hour, day, or job—we’ll have a chat.

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Marc M Wilson

An artful talent for taking photos


A passion since I was 12 years old has been the creative pursuit of photography.  Through this time I have developed an eye and techniques for capturing extra special images in a broad range of subjects.

Working also as a designer over the past 25 years has lent me a direct understanding and appreciation of what is required of photography for organisational and commercial purposes.

I get a real sense of satisfaction from creating great looking images that capture the topic in a lively way—and in seeing the buzz I typically get from my subjects and clients!


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